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Three web design information that undermine your brand presentation

The internet, all plain things considered, is new still. With how everything changes quickly, it could be hard to learn whether your website’s design is dated or not. What might have been normal a decade ago has more than likely...

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Looking for a website? : DIY Builder Vs. Web Designer

In case you are launching your business on a shoestring spending budget, it may seem the expense of a Hong Kong web designer doesn’t match your plan. Also if HTML and CSS appear to be alphabet soup for you, drag...

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Better UX Analytics with Google’s User Explorer

Finding More Meaningful Analytics What do you see when you look at this Google Analytics summary? Looks like business is spiraling into oblivion, right? Everything is down, fire this digital marketing agency immediately! Slow down and take a deep breath....

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Building a Future-Proof Website

This scenario may sound familiar: Your marketing team wants to quickly implement new ideas and get fresh content on your website, but you’re told that it takes 2 to 4 weeks for new design concepts plus 4 to 6 weeks...

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Bad Content Can Sink Your Business

Content Is King—But It Can Also Kill Your Business It’s said that “Content is king.” True, it’s the driving force behind brand awareness, user engagement, and customer advocacy. But, if it’s not done properly it can kill your business. When...

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