Hi ShareRing family,

As promised we want to keep the community updated with all our latest developments, wins and future plans. We know sometimes that we are all so busy behind the scenes, that we forget to keep you – our supportive community – in the loop. Going forward, ShareRing will be releasing more regular updates across all facets of the business.

Below we have listed our achievements and ongoing works across technology, marketing and sales.



  • Our first hotel aggregator integration is complete with 600,000 accommodation options now available to book on the platform
  • Confirmation of accommodation booking is now complete
  • OneID is completed including sign up, sending of ID and confirmation
  • One ID allows for personal information to be pre-populated when booking on the platform
  • Updates to core design completed, removing reliance on backend server infrastructure
  • Minor design and flow changes completed


  • Demo app to be sent to masternode holders next week for review
  • Payment with fiat to be completed next week
  • Payment with cryptocurrency to be completed within the next fortnight
  • Booking cancellation to be completed
  • Ongoing technology/development for MVP release at the end of the month




  • Pre launch campaign with ongoing revisions and promotions
  • New website is coming! Design is almost complete, followed by implementation
  • Membership tiers to be finalised, curated and designed
  • In talks with PR & media agencies
  • Press releases to be announced on our new partnerships

Sales & Partnerships:


  • 7 significant partnerships signed including 2 that new ones over the past couple of months.
  • One of them will triple the number of accommodation providers we will have on our platform.
  • Partnership with QLD National Trust. This is excellent for our inroads for eco focussed accommodation offering and amazing Australian activities and places to visit,  more details to follow
  • 9 other significant partnerships that have either reached ‘verbal agreement’ or are in final contract negotiations stages.
  • Partnerships are a mix of paid engagements where the partner is white labeling the ShareRing products (either blockchain, API, or apps), or they are suppliers of services to ShareRing (such as accommodation, car rental, activities, etc)
  • New sales team in Vietnam hitting businesses in HCMC with great success. 95% of approached hotels agreeing to come on board


  • Partner promotions coming soon
  • More regional eco focussed partnerships to be announced as agreements are completed

In other news, ShareRing has moved offices. We had out-grown our previous space, moving to huge new space in Melbourne CBD with table tennis mandatory! 

ShareRing is hosting its first hackathon with RMIT University Blockchain Club. Students will compete in small groups early September aiming to identify and solve ShareRing economy challenges. An internship will be up for grabs along with other exciting prizes.

Until the next update, take care!

From the ShareRing team.