General Updates:

– Tim Bos, CEO & Co-Founder flew to Thailand this month. Here he had meetings with some new and potential partners looking to white label the ShareRing technology in the travel, large car rental and sharing space.
– Tim presented as a panelist at ‘The Future of the Sharing Economy’ by Canon held on the 29th August in Melbourne. It was a great night delving into the challenges and opportunities of the sharing economy.
– Rohan Le Page, COO & Co-Founder presented ‘The Future of Sharing’ workshop to the RMIT Blockchain Club in Melbourne’s CBD. This was a huge success and the first of many future workshops.
– Tim & Rohan attended the RESA Startup Networking event on the 29th of August as an exhibitor. RESA is a student-led association that aims to continuously engage the student entrepreneur community by providing opportunities for them to connect, take action and grow. Tim & Rohan networked with enthusiastic, passionate students about ShareRing and possibly getting involved.
– Two of ShareRing’s Co-Founders and Non-Executive Directors have arrived at Melbourne HQ in the lead up to launch – Jane Kidd from the UK and Peter David from the US.

Meet our new additions to the team!

Linh Nguyen – Administrative Officer
Meet our lovely, cheerful new Administrative Officer Linh! Her positive, can do attitude has already been a huge asset to ShareRing. Linh has previously worked as Administrative Officer and brings both her experience and helpful personality to any task.

Truong Tran – Reactive Native Developer
Meet Truong our new expert app developer! Truong has previously worked across projects building both Java Android and Reactive Native apps. He has instantly immersed himself within the ShareRing team and has accomplished a lot in his short time. We are very excited to have him join the team!

Sales & Marketing update:
– Our sales team in Vietnam has now migrated from accommodation merchants to activities. There will be more news on this exciting development in the coming weeks.

– ShareRing will be joining MOBI in the second phase of the MOBI Grand Challenge: Citopia. We will be building blockchain solutions for smart cities, addressing pollution, congestion, and other real urban problems. Learn more about #Citopia

– Our pre-launch campaign is going to have more perks added! Think luggage and travel discounts.

– The new website is at development/testing phase. The idea is to showcase our four major offerings. 

  1. Travel focus for the end user
  2. Modular functionality for business solutions
  3. OTAs focused solutions for Travel Agents & Agencies
  4. ShareTokens focusing on crypto and utility explanation

More on this announcement coming.

Development and Token Updates:

It’s been a busy month for the development team! All the final touches and tweaks are being made for launch!
– The ShareRing blockchain is running, Masternode holders have installed their nodes and currently hold the first release of our much awaited app!
– A large number of transactions have been pushed to the testnet, including transfers, booking start/finish, new assets etc. These can be seen in live time here: 
– Team is working on minor wording and UI changes.
– All issues and improvements will be noted and implemented from the Masternode holders for continual improvement.

Ongoing tasks to be completed:
– Connecting API for the transfer of SHRP between wallets.
– Tweak the Onfido API and SDK with some improvements.
– Payment schedule of the Masternode holders according to the white paper.
– Hotel static API for amenities to be integrated.
– ‘Cancel booking’ functionality.

ShareRing Hackathon!

When: 5/6 September 2019

We have had an overwhelming response to the hack and are now going through the selection process.

That is not to say people should stop applying! Please do, we are looking for the most enthusiastic and talented Hackers!

Apply Here:

*Applications close Tuesday 3rd August 2019.

Our brilliant subjects for the Hackathon are:

  1. What features or protocols can be added that could significantly benefit the sharing and rental economy?
  2. A new platform within the sharing economy that uses ShareRing’s existing set of protocols.
  3. Enhancements to the current core ShareRing platform.
  4. What Blockchain/Community hacks can help leverage the ShareRing Blockchain?
  5. PR HACK! How can we expand our reach of the platform? / Create a social campaign that breaks the Blockchain mould

We are very excited to see what the participants come up with during this event.

BitMart Exchange & ShareRing trading competition:

When: 08/28/2019 10:00 AM – 09/11/2019 10:00 AM EDT

To give back to our community, we will give away a ShareRing Masternode together with 2,000,000 SHR! That’s $50,000 USD of combined value! Plus, a further 10,000,000 SHR to all participants in our Trading Competition!

Full details can be found here: ShareRing Trading Competition: Trade to win a Masternode, valued at $50,000!

Recent AMA:

The Daily Chain has released a series of of episodes to their community to bridge the gap between crypto communities and the core teams of which they support. ShareRing was featured as the second episode in the series. See the full AMA with Alex Libertas and Tim Bos here.